Air Vanuatu Extends Partnership with Fiji Airways

Discussions are underway to extend the short-term partnership between Air Vanuatu and neighbouring airline Fiji Airways. The Fiji Airways ATR aircraft that has been flying in Vanuatu has been in country on request by the National Airline Air Vanuatu, while their sole ATR is overseas for routine servicing.

During the servicing of the ATR, Air Vanuatu has been advised that further work is required on the aircraft. However, there is a shortage of ATR parts globally. Because of this, there will be an extended four-week delay before the Air Vanuatu ATR is returned to Vanuatu.

The delay in the return of the Air Vanuatu aircraft means that the two airlines are discussing a new plan to extend the partnership and continue to operate the Fiji Airways plane within Vanuatu. With the exception of the next week, during which the Fiji Airways ATR briefly returns to Fiji, it is expected that the Fiji Airways ATR will fly in Vanuatu until mid to late November.

Air Vanuatu assures the public that all reasonable measures are being taken to reduce impacts on the flight schedules including flying the Boeing 737 on busy domestic routes while the Fiji Airways plane is briefly returned to Fiji.

This partnership with Fiji Airways is an example of the creative solutions that are being implemented to maintain domestic and regional flight services for the Vanuatu community. The airline is also in discussions with its stakeholders on longer term investments to improve the operations.