Air Vanuatu Emerges As A Leader In Gender Diversity


From Left to Right: Stephanie Tarileo - ATR72 First Officer; Jocelynne Doro – Manager Operations Control Centre.; Nathalie Mills - Manager Revenue Accounting; Wilmaraia Vocor - General Manager Human Resources; Charmaine Daniel - Chief Financial Officer; Regina Andrews – Engineer; Lisa Guillain - Training and Development Manager; Priscilla Vatoko - Cabin Crew Manager; Linda Fred - Cargo Manager; Alexandra Lock - General Manager Quality, Safety, Security and Audit; Eileen Barthelemy - Executive Secretary to the CEO and the Board of Directors; Emily Guttadauro - Catering Manager; Sindy Metsan - Manager Commercial Vanuatu and Katura Marae - Boeing 737-800 First Officer.


Last September, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) challenged all airlines to join the “25by2025” campaign, a global initiative to improve female representation across the industry to a minimum of 25% of the management team by 2025. Air Vanuatu was one of the first to step forward.

“We identified the very real need to publicly validate our commitment to gender diversity and saw the IATA challenge as an opportunity that would not only benefit women in aviation in Vanuatu, but benefit us as an airline as well,” said Chief Executive Officer Derek Nice.

“I am pleased to announce that Air Vanuatu has already surpassed IATA’s target, with 36% of our management positions being held by women. This is a significant achievement, given the average for all IATA members in the Asia Pacific region is just 7%.”




Adela Issachar Aru, Air Vanuatu Board Member
and Chief Executive Officer at the Vanuatu Tourism Office

Mr. Nice said women at Air Vanuatu manage a number of key areas and departments at the airline. These include:

Board of Directors
Adela Issachar Aru – Director
Ground Operations
Jocelynne Doro - Manager Operations Control Centre; Linda Fred - Manager Cargo
Sindy Metsan - Vanuatu Commercial Manager; Jody Southern - Sales Executive, Melbourne
Charmaine Daniel – Chief Financial Officer; Natalie Mills - Manager Revenue Accounting
Human Resources & Administration 
Eileen Barthelemy - Executive Secretary to the CEO; Lisa Guillain - Training and Development Manager; Wilmaraia Vocor - General Manager Human Resources
Regina Andrews – Engineer; Noella Obed – Engineer
Flight Operations
Beverly Alvos - Cabin Crew Training Manager; Priscila Vatoko - Cabin Crew Manager ; Lucy Fetuani – DHC Twin Otter Captain; Katura Marae - B737 First Officer; Stephanie Tarileo - ATR First Officer
Emily Guttadauro - Catering Manager
Airport Manager
Airport Managers – Donna Downs, Brisbane; Maddeline Mann – Auckland; Julianne Spillane, Brisbane.

Air Vanuatu is one of only three airlines in the South Pacific to accept the IATA challenge, alongside Qantas and Air New Zealand, and is the only national carrier from among the South Pacific Island States.

“Our focus on gender diversity first began with our commitment to the National Sustainable Development Plan, commonly known as The People’s Plan, which calls for equitable, sustainable growth that creates jobs and income earning

opportunities accessible to all people in rural and urban areas throughout Vanuatu, said Mr. Nice. “The majority of our employees are women, and they play key roles in every department and at every level in our airline. We’re stronger for their leadership, dedication and commitment.”


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