Air Vanuatu Charter Flights Welcomed


Air Vanuatu will operate one of the many regional charter flights on 11th of May 2022 to transport returning Ni Vanuatu who have completed their work in New Zealand and will return them safely to their families in Vanuatu. While the airline is committed to the scheduled repatriation flights, it also offers charter flights that assist with the larger groups of customers who are often part of the labour mobility schemes.

Christchurch Airport Aeronautical and Commercial Officer Justin Watson says the airport team is pleased to see Air Vanuatu visit again. “It is great to welcome Air Vanuatu to pick up 100 Ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers to take them home. This group has been a huge help in supporting South Island primary producers, and though we are sad to see them leave us today, we look forward to welcoming a new group arriving at the end of the month. “

Air Vanuatu is proud to support Vanuatu’s labour mobility programs and acknowledges the important impact of the programs to the economic situation for many families in these challenging COVID-19 times.

The airline has operated 38 charter flights in the past 6 months. The charter flights offer groups the convenience and flexibility of traveling on dates that they choose and increases capacity beyond the regular schedules.

“It is important for an airline to be offering a diverse range of services” says CEO & Managing Director Mr Finau. In addition to charter flights the airline has also recently been successful in securing cargo contracts for regional flights such as the new Tuvalu service. This cargo contract provides important movement of post and business cargo to and from Tuvalu and enables the airline to also expand its services for customers who can take the flight and transit via Vanuatu to Australia or Fiji. “The more we can connect the pacific” adds Mr Finau “the better for everyone.”

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