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Super Special  Conditions from Port Vila to Melbourne- Economy Class

Included in fare or available inflight

inclusions 23kg

b One half of fare may be combined with any other NF fare.         
When combining fares as per point b above the more restrictive reservation and           
ticketing conditions will apply to the entire fare.          
Travel restrictions:          
Until further notice.          
Sales restrictions:          
Sales effective immediately until further notice.          
Sales permitted worldwide.          
NF ticket stock only.          
Exception for sales/ticketing outside the South West Pacific additional ticket stock of QF permitted.          
Changes, refunds and Noshows          
a Rebooking/Rerouting permitted at a charge of VUV10,000 per transaction.         
 No revalidation permitted, any changes require re-issue of ticket.         
b If the same class is not available passengers may upgrade to a higher fare type with         
 additional collection of fare and the applicable change fee.         
c Tickets must be reissued at the same time the reservation is changed.         
 Reissued tickets must be endorsed "non refundable"          
a Fare is non-refundable.         
 Waived for death of passenger or travelling companion.         
b When combining fares the refund conditions of each fare component will apply.         
c Fare cannot be held as a credit for further travel.         
a Fare is forfeited         
 NOTE: CHD/INF discount level applies to change fee.         
Ticket Endorsements          
Valid Air Vanuatu services only. Fare conditions apply          
Children and infant Discounts          
CHD none          
Infants pay 10% of the adult fare          
Unaccompanied children under 12 years : no discount          
Unless specified above, all other conditions of the applicable Air Tariff rule(s) apply.          
Promotion to the public permitted.          
Air Vanuatu must approve any advertising content or sales material prior to release.           
Air Vanuatu reserves the right to amend and/or withdraw these levels without notice, however       
a ticketing provision of 5 working days will be extended for existing bookings held at the time          
notice is given to amend/withdraw.          
Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the immediate withdrawal of NF ticketing facility from relevant agency.  

    Fees applicable for purchase via Vanuatu sales office           


A limited number of seats are available on each flight for this fare,
book online now to avoid disappointment