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Smart Fare Conditions Nouméa to Port Vila, Santo or Tanna Island - Economy Class

Inclusions SWP

Sales:  Immediately until Further Notice 

Depart between: Until further notice 

Flight application
Valid Air Vanuatu international services from Nouméa to Port Vila and Air Vanuatu domestic services to Santo or Tanna Island


Reservations W,V, M Class on Air Vanuatu depending on the availability

Children and infant Discounts

Children pay 75% of the adult fare

Infants pay 10% of the adult fare

Unaccompanied children under 12 years : no discount

Minimum Stay


Maximum Stay
12 Months

Permitted at Vila when utilising through fares from Santo using Air Vanuatu Domestic fares.

Permitted in Port Vila

Construction and combinations
a Permitted with domestic fares provided all conditions of such fare are complied with.

b One half of fare may be combined with any other NF fare.
  When combining fares as per point b above the more
  restrictive reservation and ticketing conditions will apply to the
  entire fare.


a Rebooking/Rerouting permitted at a charge of XPF2000 per transaction. No revalidation permitted, any changes require re-issue of ticket.
b Tickets must be re-issued within 72 hours of changes being made.


a Fare is non-refundable.
b When combining fares the refund conditions of each fare component will apply.
c Prior to date of departure: fare may be used as a credit towards payment of a higher fare provided the higher fare permits such an upgrade. A charge of XPF2000 per transaction will also apply.


a No show fee XPF4000

Unless specified above, all other conditions of the applicable Air Tariff rule(s) apply.

Air Vanuatu reserves the right to amend and/or withdraw these levels without notice, however a ticketing provision of 5 working days will be extended for existing bookings held at the time notice is given to amend/withdraw. 

call us  Call Air Vanuatu Reservations in Nouméa on 28 66 77
for more information and fares.