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Discover Vanuatu Air Pass

0 Application | Fares | Expences:
a. Economy class RT/CT/OJ on Air Vanuatu (NF) domestic services within Vanuatu
Applicable to overseas originating passengers (passengers whose journey originates outside Vanuatu)
in connection with international air/sea travel to/from Vanuatu.
b. A minimum of four coupons must be purchased.
Four coupons: USD425.00
Additional coupons:
USD75.00 per coupon
Local currency fares are obtained by using the BSR at the time of ticket issue.
Fares subject to taxes and fees where applicable.

1 Eligibility:
a. Only available to overseas originating passengers in conjunction with air or sea travel to/from Vanuatu.
b. Only available to non-residents of Vanuatu. Proof of residence is required at time of purchase.
c.Tickets must be endorsed with the international ticket number.
3 Seasonality: Fares apply all year.

4 Flight Application: Valid on Air Vanuatu (NF) Domestic services.
5 Reservation & Ticketing:

a.Reservations K class.
Group travel not permitted.
Reservations must be made at the time of purchase before departure from the country of origin.
Tickets must be paid and issued prior to arrival in Vanuatu.
Separate tickets must be issued. Tickets can be issued by any IATA member carrier or agent

6 Minimum Stay: Nil TARIFF NOTICE
7 Maximum Stay: Same as international ticket.
8 Stopovers: Permitted at ticketed points only.
9 Transfers: Not permitted. Surface sectors permitted.
10 Constructions & Combinations Not permitted.

15 Sales Restrictions
a. Advertising and Sales.Sales permitted world wide except Vanuatu
Sales permitted immediately to 31 March 17
For sale by any IATA member carrier or agent.

16. Penalties:
a. Changes: Rebooking/Rerouting permitted.
Revalidation permitted. If ticket requires reissue charge USD50.00 reissue fee.
Additional coupons may be purchased if required.|

b. Refunds: Before departure: Full refund less USD50.00 refund fee.
After departure: Refund the difference for the fare paid and the applicable normal economy
fare for the journey flown.

18 Ticketing Endorsement:
Fares Basis: Adult KDVP#
Infant KDVPIN#
(# = indicates number of coupons).
Discover Vanuatu Pass - Special Conditions Apply
Valid Air Vanuatu (NF) Domestic Services Only.
International ticket number
Children pay 75% of the adult fare.
Infants pay 10% of the adult fare.
Unaccompanied children under 12 years: NO DISCOUNT.

The carrier shall limit the number of passengers carried on any one flight at
fares governed by this rule.The baggage weight system will apply.
The domestic airport departure tax shown on the ticket with a code of UV is
VUV250 (USD3.00) per domestic port departure except for departures from
VLI/SON/TAH which is VUV400 (USD5.00). Exceptions are infants and children.


 Contact  Air Vanuatu Reservations outside Vanuatu to book and ticket this fare in conjuction with your international air or sea travel into Vanuatu.
or contact your local travel agent.