Vanuatu’s Royal Visitor, Princess Anne

Nov 03, 14 Vanuatu’s Royal Visitor, Princess Anne




Princess Anne, daughter of British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, visited Vanuatu last week! Before this trip, her last visit to Vanuatu was 40 years ago, when she accompanied her parents on a royal tour.






The picture above shows the young Princess greeting locals in Port Vila in 1974, when she was 24 years old, and below, she is pictured being welcomed to Vanuatu last week by local delegates.



princess anne with vanuatu delegates



Well known for her widespread benevolent works, the Princess Royal is associated with over 200 charities and organisations in an official capacity, pictured below working with Save the Children in Ethiopia. While in Vanuatu, she has been using her visit to support charitable activities in the South Pacific region in her role as president of the Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue.




princess anne ethiopia



The Presence of the Princess Royal in Vanuatu holds particular significance for the Yoahnanen People of Tanna, who worship her father Prince Phillip as a God, believing him to be descended from their spirit ancestors. This belief is based from a tale told many years ago of the son from a mountain spirit with pale skin, exploring other nations to marry a rich and powerful woman. It was during the British Royal Family’s visit in 1974 that the legend was associated with Prince Phillip and this belief is being passed down to younger generations to this day.



We hope Princess Anne had a pleasant visit to Vanuatu. We’re sure she’s enjoyed the warm welcome that Vanuatu is so well known for!



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