Vanuatu – A Family Friendly Destination

May 26, 14 Vanuatu – A Family Friendly Destination


Family getaways can be tricky sometimes – children get restless easily and you get tired of going to arcades and theme parks to keep the kids entertained. If your idea of a perfect family holiday destination is one with a family-friendly environment, a range of activities that appeal to young and old, and a rich culture that educates, Vanuatu is the place for you!




Known as one of the happiest places in the world, Vanuatu and its friendly people are sure to rub off their infectious joy onto you, starting from the moment you board the plane. Vanuatu is easy to get to with quick flights of less than 4 hours from Melbourne and 2.5 hours from Brisbane, and time in transit is short, making the trip a breath of fresh air for parents travelling with active children.




There are a number of beautiful resorts available in Vanuatu where adults get pampered, kids have fun, and the whole family can enjoy themselves. Spoil your loved ones in one of the family-friendly resorts, ensuring that this family trip will be one of the easiest you have planned. Most resorts come with a good range of activities such as snorkeling and kayaking that you can enjoy on a beautiful private beach area.



exciting scuba diving activities in Vanuatu

Don’t fret about going for the exciting scuba diving or trekking trips and not being able to take your children along – babysitting is available at most resorts such as Aquana Beach Resort, Poppy’s on the Lagoon and Le Lagon Resort which is a life-saver at times when you are caught up with the thrills of Vanuatu. Kids clubs are also available, where you know your children will be safe while playing games and doing activities.


Take your family on an eco-tour where you can enjoy the gifts of nature away from the hectic life of the city back home. From fishing and glass bottom boat rides to horse riding and sand boarding in the dunes, children will have no time for restlessness.


Discover the islands and jungles of Vanuatu on a buggy or a quad bike that make exploring so much more fun! They are easy to maneuver and you will be able to see the never-ending beaches and villages that pass along the way. These rides are such fun and thrilling family activities that your children may not want it to end.


The impeccable white beach and their translucent water is the perfect place for your family to indulge in conventional family activities such as sandcastle building or even a friendly game of soccer with the local children, taking a break from watching television or surfing the internet. Make sure you take your children to view the majestic coral reefs and allow them to send postcards from the world’s only underwater post office.



couple walking through a Vanuatu river-the perfect topical getaway-

Vanuatu’s rich heritage and culture is a good learning platform for the children and even for adults. Expose yourselves to Vanuatu’s unique festivals such as the Nalawan Arts Festival and Naghol, which is the only land diving ritual performed in the world. Visit one of the villages where you will be greeted by the chief and entertained with traditional dances filled with colour and life.


Enjoy the generosity and genuine friendliness of the Ni-Vanuatu natives and view their cultural carvings, decorations and masks that are unique to their community.



Vanuatu is the perfect tropical getaway for you and your family. Before you embark on the ultimate trip to Vanuatu, make sure you have packed suitable clothing for the tropical weather and conservative culture and you are all set to enjoy the biggest playground in the world!


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