Travelling with Teens, Vanuatu

Nov 26, 14 Travelling with Teens, Vanuatu


It’s no secret, teens can be difficult to travel with. The internet is full of ‘top tips for travelling with teens’, preaching budgeting, compromise, and making sure your teen is fed well and sleeps well. All of these are great tips, but number one for making sure your teen has an incredible holiday is keeping them busy with amazing activities and spectacular surroundings that will make all their mates at home totally jealous!




Here are just three of the many fantastic reasons that Vanuatu is a perfect destination for when you’re travelling with teens:



1. Flight so short there’s no time to be bored!

teens airplane instagram

Vanuatu is closer than you think! All flights to Port Vila, Vanuatu take less than 4 hours from Australia’s East Coast and Auckland, New Zealand. You can even fly direct from Brisbane to Espiritu Santo in just 2hrs, 40mins. Such a short flight leaves just enough time to have a flick through the inflight magazine, listen to some music, and have a snack before the captain will be announcing your descent! A short flight is perfect to avoid any potential restlessness and travel stress.



Above: Pre-flight jump shot!                        




2. Activities, Adventure, and Adrenaline always on offer!


Once you’ve arrived, there’s no shortage of exciting natural wonders to explore and adrenaline fuelled activities to thrill every teen. Hike up or Sandboard down an active volcano on Tanna, drive off road buggies, zip line through the jungle treetops on Efate, snorkel and dive, and more!
teen adventure vanuatu


Left: Friends explore lush Vanuatu jungle; Right: Hiking up Mt Yasur Volcano, Sandboard in hand



Some resorts, such as the Holiday Inn Vanuatu, even offer activities and programmes designed especially with teens in mind so you can be sure your teen is safe and happy!


teen coordinator holiday inn


Above: Holiday Inn Vanuatu, Teen Coordinator



3. An Instagram worthy destination!

Part of the fun of travelling for teens these days is taking the perfect pictures to share with friends over social media. Vanuatu is a true paradise with crystal clear turquoise water, magical blue holes, caves and canyons, lush green jungle, and pristine beaches just begging to be instagrammed!


vanuatu instagram


Left: The perfect tropical pic to show mates back home! Right: Airplane window shot… Almost there!



Sure all these activities and fantastic photos are great but it’s all missing one key element… how do you share them! Internet access is a big priority for teenagers, and as much as it’s nice to disconnect from the world on your holiday, every now and again it’s important to give teens a chance to check in online. Free Wi-Fi is available at a number of cafes and bars, like the Numbawan Café, Port Vila, and the Beach Bar, Mele, so you can grab a cool drink, and enjoy the café atmosphere and wonderful views while checking in with friends back home.



When you’re planning your next holiday with teens, consider a trip to Vanuatu that’ll be a hit with the whole family!



For information about Vanuatu, Flights, and Accommodation visit Air Vanuatu’s Website.




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