The Culinary Capital

Aug 02, 12 The Culinary Capital

Vanuatu is the culinary capital of the South Pacific. A quick visit to the harbour ftont food market in Port Vila is all it takes to realise how fresh and plentiful the local produce is. You’ll find long wooden tables laden with seasonal vegatables and fruit, handwoven baskets full of yams and bananas, and live crabs, lobesters and chickens. Vanuatu also boasts superb beef and a huge range of fish and crustaceans. Among other delicacies, Teouma prawns are a must during any holiday and a visit to some of the terrific Restaurants is the best way to get a genunine taste of the tropics.

Restaurants and cafes include: French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Melanesian and Mediterranean.


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  1. Love these Vanuatu shots. I was there this time last year photographing a wedding and luckily got to have a holiday at the same time. The best part of my trip was meeting the locals, going to the Port Vila Markets, hanging out drinking cocktails on the beach and just being apart of the local life. We did a lot of walking around and highlight was meeting some of the local kids playing on the beach. Thanks for bringing back the memories and shainrg your great photos. Deb

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