Pentecost Island

Dec 11, 12 Pentecost Island

Pentecost Island has become famous throughout the world for the land diving ritual (Nagol or N’gol) which occurs every Saturday between April and June. The ritual, which influenced the invention of bungee jumping by Kiwi AJ Hackett, sees local men and boys as young as seven jump from a 20 -30 metre high manmade tower with only a vine attached to their legs. The tower itself takes locals five weeks to build using materials from the forest. The vines are carefully selected by jumpers who know that just 10 centimetres may be the difference between life and death.

 Traveling to view this magnificent ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience. No words can express the feeling of the ground vibrating under the dancing and stomping feet of villages and the excitement of sitting beneath the tower waiting with unease for the diver to jump safely to ground. The awe- inspiring ceremony celebrates the yam harvest and is a fertility rite for meni

Land Diving festival, occurs every Saturday between April and June.

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  1. lain ward /

    hi I wanted to book the Pentecost island land diving trip with you with my fiancé for the 22nd Saturday june 2013 and return flights to port villa please

    • Hi Iain,

      The land diving on Pentecost is an amazing take home experience! You can contact our tours department at who will be able give you more information including flight and accommodation options and pricing!

  2. Hi!!! I would like to know when the festival starts in june, because i will be in Vanuatu from the 30/03 up to 13/04. And I dont want to miss the oportunity to be there!!!

  3. I was hoping to visit in late May or early June. Airtaxis have told me that their tours are suspended due to land dispute. Do you know if there are other locations on Pentecost where I can experience (watch) land-diving?


  4. Pentecost Island is regarded as the home of the original bungee jumping but over land, not water!

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