Vanuatu’s Gaua Island

Feb 17, 13 Vanuatu’s Gaua Island

 Gaua (previously called Santa Maria) Island is one of the Banks and Torres group in the northern part of the Vanuatu archipeligo. Gaua rises about 9,800 feet (3,000 m) from the sea floor. Steaming Hill Lake, a crescent-shaped crater lake, is just below Mt. Garat, a secondary cone and summit of the stratovolcano (a volcano made of both lava flows and pyroclastic ejected material) volcano. Solfataras (a type of fumerole, with particularly sulphurous gasses) are on the south side of the volcano and hot springs are on the north slope. Gaua has had at least 13 eruptions from Mt. Garat since 1963.

The most recent eruption was in 1982 and lasted less than one day.

4 & 3  nights package from Santo  rate is  from VUV 45, 640

Including :

  •          Return airfare Santo/ Gaua/ Santo
  •          3 night Accommodation including all meals
  •          Mount Garet  volcano  trekking
  •         Waterfall Tour including return transport and guides
  •         Water  music  tour (  water music is authentic in Gaua)
  •         Traditional Museum and village visit
  •         Local guides

Travelling days Options:

  •          Domestic flights; Fly into Gaua  on Friday and Fly out on  Monday
  •          International flights; BNE SON Thursday and flight out SON BNE Tuesday

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  1. i like to see all picture of the island of guaua island because i never go there.

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