Essential Port Vila Experiences

Oct 18, 13 Essential Port Vila Experiences


Port Vila is the capital and largest city of Vanuatu. It is also the primary destination for most visitors of the country. First time visitors may find themselves at a loss (or overwhelmed) by the choices of things to do.

So in order to help you out, the team here at Air Vanuatu have come up with a list of the five essential things you should experience when you visit Port Villa, Vanuatu.




Mele Cascades


At the top of our list are the Mele Cascades. Located just 15 minutes by buggy from Port Vila, the cascades provide a great first taste of Vanuatu’s natural beauty. Vanuatu location Enjoy the lush green scenery surrounding the cascades or dive in for a refreshing swim in the pools.

The more adventurous guests can choose to abseil from the 45-50 m tall rock face or explore the hidden cave surrounding the area. Head to the top of the falls and treat yourself to a gorgeous view from top of the lush green fields and forests of Efate Island and the Pacific Ocean.


Vanuatu Jungle Zipline


The Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is a thrilling ride that takes you up to speeds of 100-160 km/hour over the lush green jungles of Vanuatu. But make no mistake about it, despite the adrenaline rush involved, the staff on hand to assist you and are fully trained to keep everybody safe.

Challenge yourself to cross the 80 metre high canyon, and traverse two wobbly suspension bridges and end up on top of a waterfall.

The six zip lines found within The Summit Gardens all make a total of 800 metres worth of high flying adrenaline rush that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Blokart Vanuatu


Blokarting or “land sailing” is the act of riding a vehicle which looks like a cross between a go kart and a wind sail. Don’t be fooled by this seemingly tame activity as the karts can reach speeds of up to 15 knots or more depending on the winds.

Fun and excitement abound for the whole family as even 5 year olds can enjoy this ride.


Wet ‘N Wild Zorbing


You enter the giant ball. You become the giant ball and roll down one of the longest zorb trails in the world. Great fun is had by all.


Hideaway Island Marine Reserve


Spend the day in this great reserve where you can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive, eat, and just basically relax in the water. The kids will enjoy being able swim with the fishes and learn about the various marine life on the island.

Pro Tip: There’s an underwater post office located nearby from which you can send waterproof postcards to anywhere in the world!

These are just some of the tips that we thought first timers and regular visitors will enjoy. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just these activities as there are other fun and exciting stuff for you to do in Port Vila. The best way to find out what they are is to meet and interact with the locals and find out other less known attractions you can try.


Want to live some of these and more amazing experiences yourself? Book your Vanuatu Holiday today!


If you’d like to add to this list, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


  1. Kylie chamberlain /

    My family which consists of 5 children always go to the “BLUE Lagoon” a little way out of town North of Eton Beach, which is a lovely scenic drive. When you arrive there the water is crystal clear blue and the children or adults can have a lot of fun swimming and swinging off a rope into the water, we spend hours there and it’s cheap too. A great Vanuatu experience!

  2. Ruth Fuller /

    We have done the Cascades and Hideaway Island. Both great experiences. I would also say a sunset cruise, is worth adding to the list. We have been to Vanuatu twice, and it has been a few years since our last visit. I am hoping to maybe go again latter this year.

  3. Wayne Motton /

    Don’t forget to have a overnight trip to Tanna by boat or plane and climb the active volcano and swim in the black sand beaches!

  4. brad /

    go fishing , contact one of the local charters or just grab one of the local fisherman who has a boat.some g
    reat fish are abundant in the waters around port vila with reef fishing and deep sea fishing. the waters are not over fished and there is opportunities for some big big fish.

  5. The War Horse Saloon offers a unique experience in Port Vila. We are the original microbrewery in Vanuatu and welcome visitors to experience the process with us and then have the opportunity to taste our handcrafted beers. Enjoy the eclectic country western themed restaurant full of fun and quirky memorabilia and take time to meet Boots the bell ringing cat. If all this activity leaves you feeling hungry we serve up Texas sized BBQ pork and beef ribs and Tex-Mex dishes for something a little bit different.

  6. Nick Hayne /

    The Coogoola Cruise is a must for anyone visiting Port Villa. And if you enjoy that, then Pele Island will really blow your mind. The snorkeling is even better, and the turtles swimming past are incredible.

  7. Wendy Whitten /

    Try the Sunset cruise. Dreamy but what a beautiful experience and don’t forget to take your camera.

    Also the boat trip behind the Industrial area and shops etc. Opens your eyes. You will truly love it.

    • pauline emerson /

      Did you book ahead for the sunset cruise or do you think it’s alright to wait until we get there?

  8. Esther /

    Someone in Vila should organise few event dates and showcase Vanuatu foods made especially for guests on the day and in eatable pieces, market is good but size is too big and too many to choose from dont know what you might be missing out on. Maybe there’s one in Vila already but I haven’t seen it yet.

  9. Polly Lai /

    how much Hideaway Island Marine Reserve per head?

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