Ambae Island

Oct 10, 12 Ambae Island

Ambae Island

James Michener immortalised the island of Ambae in W.W.II when , from his post on Espiritu Santo, he watched it mysteriously disappear in the morning mist – the magical island of Bali Hai was born in his imagination.
Bali Hai – Ambae…for a generation or more it has conjured visions of mystique, of a magical primitive Paradise. Ambae is an exceptionally beautiful island and its legendary disappearing act is quite true. When seen from the East coast of Santo, the island is a clear blue pyramid rising from the ocean in the early morning light. But as the sun climbs higher, except for rare, clear days, the island quickly disappears behind a glare of sea haze. Ambae’s pyramid shape is due to its volcanic origins. By far the largest of the Vanuatu volcanoes (its base is 3,000m below Sea Level!) after a slumber of 400 years, Ambae shocked its inhabitants by awakening in 1991.

Twin crater lakes adorn this jungle isle. The distinctive bright blue and green lakes are rarely see, for the tall island (4,907 ft) is perennially capped in rain clouds, a micro climate formed in part by the verdant tropical rainforest. On the few days in the year the lakes can be seen from the air, they are stunning jewels nestled in a verdent setting.




Accommodation and Tours

Toas Palms Bungalows (Nduidui area)
Garden Private Bungalows including all meals. 
 Meet and Greet and return Walaha airport transfers (per trip)
Centrally located Toa Palms Bungalows (Toa Guest House) is a good base for exploring West Ambae. From Ndui Ndui you might climb up to the crater lakes on top of Ambae or follow the coast.

Tours :

  • Vutungwele Sunset View Tour including return transfers
  • Shark  Bay Cultural Tour  including return transfers
  • Full Day Manaro Volcano and Lake  tour

 Tui Lodge (Saratamata Area) 
Accommodation including continental breakfast and Dinner
Return airport transfers per trip
Tui Lodge is a new place to stay at Saratamata. The lodge is set in nicely kept gardens and has a large, solidly constructed outdoor fare with comfortable chairs, that offers shelter from the sun and rain.

Tours :

  • Half Day Vanue Cultural site and village tour 
  • Half Sese cultural tour 
  • Manaro lake trekking including guide (per person)

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  1. j ashcroft /

    I used to live and work in Vanuatu, on ambae, and its was something so great, people would never ever belive what I could tell them. the people in Vanuatu are so kind and nice. when I was on ambea, it was unspoilt, no tourists, or anything. I knew it would come one day, but Vanuatu is a special place. I intend to return one day, but I’ve also been told its different now and I should keep my fond memories, and photoe’s. Bungie jumping came from Vanuatu, the pentacost land dive. the island of pentacost sits just south of ambae. yes have lots to tell about Vanuatu, ambae in particular.

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