Flight Status

Track Air Vanuatu International flights live to / from Vanuatu. NB. Flights must have departed.

NF11 Sydney to Port Vila "LIVE STATUS"
NF10 Port Vila to Sydney "LIVE STATUS"
NF21 Brisbane to Port Vila "LIVE STATUS"
NF20 Port Vila to Brisbane "LIVE STATUS"
NF31 Melbourne to Port Vila "LIVE STATUS"
NF30 Port Vila to Melbourne "LIVE STATUS"
NF51 Auckland to Port Vila "LIVE STATUS"
NF50 Port Vila to Auckland "LIVE STATUS"


FlightAware Flight Tracker

You can also access real time up to date Air Vanuatu operational information.  

Select the button marked schedule (with the time clock) located to the left of this page on a desk top, if you are using a tablet or mobile device please select the aeroplane symbol at the top of your screen.

> select or push the schedule icon
> select one way
> enter the flight route e.g. Port Vila to Sydney
> enter todays date NB. the flight must have departed
> push search
> find todays date and flight number then click on  CURRENT FLIGHT STATUS ? SELECT TODAYS DATE 

ETA display .