Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why do I need to present my return e-ticket at check-in when visiting
The Vanuatu Government requires all non residents to produce evidence of
a persons return or onward journey at Immigration & Customs upon arrival.
Failure to do so may result in the refusal of entry and immediate deportation.
Uplift from Australia and New Zealand may be denied if the appropriate
documentation is not presented at check-in.

Q What is my exact baggage allowance?
A Information can be found on the Air Vanuatu Baggage Allowance page.

Q What is an electronic or e-ticket?
A An electronic ticket is an electronic version of the traditional paper ticket.
Electronic tickets can be emailed out to you and presented at check-in with your
passport. They look similar to an itinerary but have a ticket number on them,
you must have a copy of your e-ticket (including return flight details) with you to
prersent at check-in. Vanuatu Immigration requires you to present this upon

Q I'm advised I require at least 6 months validity on my passport for entry in to
Vanuatu, but I have less ?
A Call your local Air Vanuatu Office to discuss.

Q Can I purchase a one way ticket to Port Vila?
You can only purchase a one way ticket only if you have a residency permit to
reside legally in Vanuatu, hold a Vanuatu passport or have an onward ticket
from Port Vila. Immigration check all arriving passengers for evidence of a
return ticket.

Q Does Air Vanuatu offer frequent Flyer Points?
A Information on our partnership with the Qantas Frequent Flyer program can be
accessed here.

Q. Why am I limited to a certain amount of Liquids, gels and Aerosols ?
To protect you there are rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels on flights.
These rules also apply to passengers arriving on international flights who are
transiting in Australia & NZ and passengers travelling on the domestic leg of an
international flight within Australia & NZ . See the Australian & NZ Governments
Official websites for more information.

Australia - Click here
New Zealand - Click here

Q What do I do if my checked baggage does not turn up when I arrive at my
Your ticket, boarding pass and baggage tag/s ( most important) will be required
for a report to be completed. Staff will enter your details and commence a bag
search from the various ports. Your bag once located, will be delivered to you
upon arrival from the located port.

Q. I have a particular dietary requirement, how do I arrange a special meal ?
You must make your special meal request at the time of booking or contact
your local Air Vanuatu office at least 12 hours prior to the departure time
of your flight. NB Please see the restrictions on our Travel assistance page

If the answer to your question does not appear above, please contact your nearest Air Vanuatu office.



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