Air Vanuatu expands its fleet

Air Vanuatu CEO Joseph Laloyer has announced the search has began for an additional ATR72-500 aircraft to join the fleet in 2014. This aircraft will join the recently arrived Twin Otter aircraft. "Twin Otters are very reliable aircraft, they are considered to be the workhorse of the Pacific, so we're thrilled to finally have secured this plane. We have been searching for some time"

Air Vanuatu continues to improve its financial position under the direction of a stable Board and management team.

Board of Directors Chairman, confirms that this is in line with the company's objectives of providing the required additional aircraft capacity with growth projections.

"We are continuing to make solid in-roads in our recovery plan which commenced in 2009. Our passengers loads are increasing every year and we are proud to be a leader in customer service in the region," Mr. Athy said.