Second ATR-72 arriving next week

Air Vanuatu's second ATR-72 500 aircraft is due to arrive in Vanuatu next week, Chairman of the Board of Directors Johnson Naviti Marakipule and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Laloyer have announced.

The new aircraft will be a very welcome addition to the Air Vanuatu fleet and will boost travel to the outer islands and regional destinations.

 The purchase of the aircraft, made with the assistance of the Government of Vanuatu and Bred Bank includes a spare engine and $US600,000 of spare parts.

 "Operating a safe, reliable service for our passengers is our priority," Mr. Laloyer said.

 "Our first ATR-72 500 has proven to be a workhorse however we have experienced delays waiting for parts from time to time. With the additional aircraft and the spare parts package we hope to reduce delays due to unscheduled maintenance significantly."

 Leading airlines around the world operate ATR aircraft and Air Vanuatu has been very pleased with the aeroplanes. The aircraft are safe, reliable, comfortable and economical.

 "Our new aircraft is decorated in Air Vanuatu livery, has comfortable leather seats and most importantly will allow us to increase services within Vanuatu and the region," Mr. Laloyer said.

 Chairman Naviti Marakipule said the purchase of an additional ATR-72 500 is a significant achievement for the national carrier.

 "The Government of Vanuatu congratulates the Air Vanuatu management team for securing this aircraft. It is our priority for the airline to continually reinvest in itself and to serve the people of Vanuatu and visitors to our country," he said.

 "Air Vanuatu has a social responsibility to provide a service to the people in the outer islands as well as to encourage tourism development in the nation. This new aircraft will help facilitate both priorities for the Government and the airline," Mr. Naviti Marakipule said.

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